A sparkling new standard!

/A sparkling new standard!

A sparkling new standard!

The dispensing of chilled, ambient and sparkling drinking water is a growing trend in Australia and Stream has a wide variety of products available that consistently provide a high quality experience.

The new Stream product range aims to address this gap at the top-end of the market by raising the standard of premium drinking water dispensers and appliances in Australia to new heights.

From instant filtered underbench, benchtop chilled and sparkling water units, the extensive and exclusive range of Stream products are the new ‘must have’ addition to any home, work or social setting.

Stream is committed to leading the local market towards a new level of high-end drinking water experiences that are suitable for a wide range of applications in the industry, commercial, hospitality and residential sectors.

Combining the latest innovations in premium European quality and design with proven local expertise and service, Stream products can be tailored to the needs of any home or workplace environment seeking a refreshing change in the sophisticated enjoyment of drinking water.

The Stream range of chilled, ambient and sparkling water dispensers and appliances is broad enough to cover any drinking water applications in the home or work environment.

A Stream product can add a touch of class through the availability and enjoyment of a sparkling new standard of drinking water experience in almost any setting.

Whether it is a new home or renovation, a new office or refurbishment, a school, university, library, gym, waiting room, worksite, boardroom, lunchroom, social event or bar, cafe or restaurant – a Stream product will make a statement of style, sophistication and service.

The unique offering of Stream chilled, ambient and sparkling drinking water products seamlessly combine functionality and style and are available in a wide range of products to suit all industry, commercial, hospitality and residential uses.

Stream products provide a showcase of sleek interior design that stands out from the crowd and also demonstrates an unwavering attention to detail in not only meeting, but exceeding, the drinking water needs of staff, customers, visitors and family.

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