A Sparkling water system for your home, work or function

The compact stylish Stream appliance range now offers a prestigious European-styled sparkling water experience.

Enjoy invigorating bubbles in your own home whenever you like, for yourself, your family or for friends and functions you may host throughout the year. Sparkling water isn’t just refreshing, it also comes with a range of benefits.

Our sparkling water dispensers feature an intuitive design

Even though our taps are not classified as soda water taps, they are often used interchangeably with soda water and feature innovative and hygienic concepts, designed to continually and reliably produce a clear, fresh-tasting drink.

These appliances are made from sturdy stainless steel and feature the ability to function as soda water taps with temperature control settings while also looking sleek and able to fit discreetly in almost any kitchen. There are options to fit in most areas and these are also a great feature for any office space, for workers or for customers and clients so they can feel a little bit fancy and looked after when they visit your business.

Sparkling water taps used interchangeably as soda water taps

Each design is ideal for the discerning homeowner or business person and a must for functions and events.

These sparkling water systems are highly portable so you can take them to any function, providing a fresh, clear and healthy beverage option which is also low-cost and still tastes great.

Browse our range today to find the perfect way to get more H2O into your day. Promote healthy living and access fresh, clean and bubbly water on demand.