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Ice Bank Technology

What is Ice Bank Technology?


A simple idea actively used in many industries, especially linked to food and beverage.

For example: the process is used in the milk industry, where a “bank” of ice is produced, allowing chilled water to be drawn and circulated around milk holding tanks, cooling the outer surface of the vessel.

This system provides real benefits, in hygiene, speed and control of cooling, eliminates risk of freezing the tanks contents, whilst proving to be a very viable and economic method.


Used in conjunction with equipment such as commercial air conditioning, which significantly contributes to peak electrical loads and costs.  Ice is formed during the night (at low tariff periods); providing chilled water for utilisation during the daytime (higher tariff periods), resulting in dramatic savings.

Ice Bank Technology is a form of thermal energy storage, where ice is retained in a reservoir, deferring usage for a desired operational requirement.


Products incorporating this technology, offer considerable advantages over alternative water dispensing for many applications. As a result a range of appliances are now available from Stream which have been specifically designed to produce high quality, high volume drinking water and related fluids, in a safe and quality manner.


Direct Chill “Ice Bank”

Technology utilised in Stream products comprises of a stainless steel coil water pipe, a copper refrigerant coil, and a special water reservoir. The refrigerant gas cools the water reservoir to such a degree that an “ice bank” is formed; immediately chilling any water passing through the stainless tubing.

When a peak demand occurs with a standard water cooler, a considerable recovery period (i.e. the time to generate more cooled water) will be required. The lower the capacity of the cooler; generally the longer the recovery period. However with Stream “Ice Bank” product, recovery periods are virtually eliminated.

High quality, high volume, hardworking “Stream” products can improve your business; offering continuous Chilled, Ambient and Sparkling water to staff and clients.

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