Residential and commercial sparkling water tap solutions

A big part of serving up a quality meal is in the delivery and that should extend to your drinks – even the humble glass of water. Our range allows you to have fresh bubbles available for your friends, family and guests at home or in your restaurant/cafe, whenever they want it most. We also stock the perfect fixtures to go with them.


Our range includes a variety of quality, stylish sparkling water commercial and residential taps and accessories. Each product ensures efficient dispensing of refreshing drinking water. These products are available to suit work or home, as well as applications across  industrial, government and hospitality areas. They also look fantastic, no matter which space they are installed in.

Sparkling water for home or work

All of our designs are made to include exciting features and options, such as:

  • chilled
  • chilled and ambient
  • chilled and sparkling
  • chilled, ambient and sparkling water.

Stream Water Appliances includes the simple, humble column design, which is compatible with a sparkling water appliance or can be connected to your existing unit under the sink.

There are also single, double and triple tap designs available, so you can provide service of chilled, ambient or sparkling water on the go. Choose from curved VT-style designs to make pouring simple and eliminate unnecessary mess. For even more convenience, opt for our drip trays and fonts, which are perfect for both home and hospitality settings.

All of these products are made from tough stainless steel so they are easy to clean, require minimal maintenance and can handle the rigours of a busy kitchen, while still looking their best. Not only are you able to impress your guests and/or customers with a variety of styles of beverages on offer, but you can also deliver it from sleek fixtures that complement your Stream appliance and venue’s environment.

Browse the Stream Water Appliances range today to find the perfect sparkling water tap for your home or business and start to serve up healthy, clean H2O now.