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Quench your customers’ thirst with restaurant sparkling water solutions

Traditionally, restaurants have been a place where customers are likely to enjoy a carbonated drink.

However, as the world becomes more health-conscious, more and more people are turning away from fizzy and sugary drinks, which is why having a sparkling water dispenser at your restaurant is a great option in the modern world. This gives your venue the opportunity to provide a healthy alternative option that still hits the spot.

The perfect sparkling water system for restaurants

Our Stream sparkling water appliances are the perfect option for any busy restaurant as they are made from stainless steel, designed to be tough and withstand the heat of a busy kitchen. Deliver cold top-ups on demand all day and night to meet your commercial requirements.

These products also provide a convenient way for your customers to have all the fun of a fizzy drink without the sugar, alcohol and other unwanted elements they are trying to abstain from. Did we mention they’re also a great drink option for kids?

You can even dress them up with some health additions like a wedge of lemon or lime to provide the perfect drink for health-conscious customers, all the while remaining easy to prepare and serve.

Keep up with customer demands – buy a restaurant sparkling water system

Another reason why these appliances are so ideal for restaurants is because trends are changing and people more inclined to enjoy a glass of carbonated H2O over other less-than-healthy alternatives.

The light bubbles are the perfect companion for heavy meals to help customers enjoy their favourite dishes, without having to risk the feeling of indigestion.

For more information on our line of products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We’re always more than happy to answer questions or point you in the right direction in regards to what product suits your needs best.